EuroCanals Guides are for planning travels on the inland waterways of France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. Published in English, the EuroCanals Guides are used to first make a general plan about where to cruise, then use the guides for reference along the route, on a laptop or tablet. The guides show where you can go with a boat of known size and why you might want to go there; also included are listings of boat brokers, boat builders and boat rental bases. Moorings are listed throughout the four countries, as well as winter storage ports.


Waterway Details - shown on maps and data tables

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Tom, We have sold our barge after five years of cruising and are moving on to the next chapter in our lives. Thank you for the excellent guides. They have been invaluable in making our cruises easier and more enjoyable... Jack

Please Note: the EuroCanals Guides are cruising guides, not navigational charts. The guides are intended to be used for planning a cruise: they show where you can go and why you might want to go there, with data tables of distances and restrictive dimensions along each waterway. The guides can be used to calculate daily travel estimates. Sources for printed and digital navigation charts are included in the guides.

All guides and articles are in PDF format, for use on PC/Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computers and tablets. The guides should be viewed in Adobe Reader; if you do not have this software, download it free from Adobe at

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