Netherlands: North Sea to Germany

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Please Note: You are buying a Download (digital PDF) version. There is no printed book for the Danube (published by EuroCanals) and there will not be. The Danube guide series is unique, it consists of photo guides showing the entire Danube route, from the North Sea to the Black Sea, in 1,515 full-page photos organized by kilometer and combined into nine separate guides, for more convenient use by the reader. These nine guides total 1,638 pages, obviously making it very difficult and expensive to print. But on an iPad or laptop it offers a full slide-show preview of the entire route, used by readers for previewing and planning the trip and then showing “what's around the next corner” while actually traveling the river.

The above version is a 41-page summary of those nine guides; it is recommended that a buyer of this guide will see the usefulness of the full set of guides and then purchase the , which allows the buyer to immediately download and save all nine guides, in the device or perhaps on a USB flash drive. The cost is US$88.50, or $98.50 plus shipping for all EuroCanals Guides, including the Danube guides, already installed on the flash drive.

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The Danube
PDF Download, 10.0 Mb, 41 pages US$24.50

The Danube: North Sea to Black Sea

A planning guide for a trip down the Danube, from the North Sea or the English Channel and through eleven countries, to the Black Sea. The Danube begins in the Black Forest and is navigable from Kelheim, Bavaria for 2412 kilometers to Sulina, Romania.

This guide is the overall description of the entire route, with instructions and web links for the necessary navigational software, using official electronic charts (IENC). The full set of includes nine guides, with a total of over 1600 pages of photos and maps.