A new guide has been uploaded to the EuroCanals Guides Online Library: “The Danube: North Sea to Black Sea”. This guide is different than the previous guides, in two ways:

First, it is a very long route, 3600 kilometers, through or along the border of ten countries. So it seemed reasonable to create a series of guides, each covering one or two countries, and an overall guide describing the entire route in general. It is anticipated that there will be ten guides in all, available over the next few months.

Second, I wanted to make good use of a tremendous resource, in collaboration with Rick Munden. Rick has made the entire trip twice, first in 2011 on his 9.4 meter sailboat and again in 2014 aboard a 15 meter trawler. Along the way he has taken literally thousands of photos, which he has put at my disposal, along with his notes and the information published on his blog during the trips. As each section of the guide is completed, Rick has reviewed it for accuracy and has added his comments.

These photos have been used to create EuroCanals PhotoNav Guides, which display the details of landmarks along the route, in a km-by-km sequence. The photos are identified by kilometer post; they include ports (especially showing the entrance from the river), bridges (with the clearance shown), locks (with dimensions and contact information) as well as sites worth noting. Examples are described on this page:

Another new feature: OpenCPN software has been used to create a series of routes & waypoints down the Danube, available as gpx downloads. These files can be used in a chartplotter or a computer with GPS input, to monitor progress along the river. They are intended to assist in visual navigation, alongside PhotoNav guides.

The overall guide for the Danube has the initial PhotoNav guide attached: “Donau: Kelheim to Passau”, covering the first leg of the Danube, through Germany. This guide is also available from the library now, as a separate file. Also in the library is the beginning of the route, “North Sea to Germany” across the Netherlands. The next section “Rhein: Netherlands to Mainz” will be available soon.

Tom Sommers

Posted on November 16, 2015

The Danube

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