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Both of my websites are now in tune with the emerging style of websites in 2015:

Mobile Friendly - all website pages are now produced in Responsive Web Design, which means that the page will display properly on all devices. Every page of the two websites have been confirmed on screens from the iPhone 4S to my office computer, 27-inch (2560 x 1440) iMac. (If you should find a screen on which the page is scrambled, please let me know; tell me which device you were using.)

Full-width photos - I have always wanted to display the largest photo size possible, as they are intended to allow the viewer to see the details of canal travel. But for many years it was necessary to keep the file size small to accommodate slow download speed. Now most users have access to fast internet speeds, and the technology permits photo sizes to fill the full width of the screen.

The Canals of Paris website is based on the EuroCanals Guide “Cruising the Seine and the Canals of Paris”, which can be purchased on the site. That guide is also incorporated in “Northern France” and as a new guide in the EuroCanals Guides Online Library.

Tom Sommers

A thorough renovation has just been completed of the EuroCanals website “Canals of Paris”. For a good view of boating in Paris ,take a look for yourself:

Posted on October 21, 2015

Canals of Paris

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