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Skutsje Zonder Zorg

Posted on August 18, 2016

Austria, Donau River

The 7th guide in the Danube Project series has been completed and is now available on the EuroCanals website: "Austria: Donau river, Passau to Bratislavaā€¯. Passau is, of course, in Germany and Bratislava is in Slovakia, however they are the closest ports to the Austrian border, just a few kilometers away on each end of the Donau river route across Austria.

The guide follows the 360 km route with eight overnight stops (it can be done with fewer stops.) It is in the EuroCanals PhotoNav format; each marina, lock, town and site of interest is shown in a photo. Marinas and boat clubs are summarized in a table and shown in photos. Tourist information is included along the way, for instance most castles are shown in a photo and their name is identified; there are many books and online sources which describe these castles in detail, if you wish to follow the Castle Trail. More extensive tourist information is provided for Linz, Grein, the Wachau Valley, Tulln and Wien (Vienna), as well as information on the Danube Bike Path and walking trails. A taste of this beautiful and interesting cruise is shown on the cover of the guide, see the attached screenshot.

You can review the Danube Project and link to the new guide from this page: